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Parques Nacionales y Conservación Ambiental


National Parks withou people?. The South American experience


Suárez de Freitas Gustavo
Amend Stephan
Amend Thora
McNeely Jeffrey
Fourcade de Ruiz María T.
De Uribelarrea Diana S.
Myers Eduardo Jorge
Osidala Nadine
Romero Raúl
Corvalán Carlos
De Marconi María R.
Donoso de Baixeras Susana
Baudoin Mario
Salinas Elvira
Moscoso V. Arturo
Salatino Schenkel Celso
Kaniak Vitor Carlos
Wiedmann Sonia Maria P.
Brant Rocha Sérgio
Araya Pedro
Cunazzo Claudio
Gutiérrez Vílches Danilo
Castaño Uribe Carlos
Villa Lopera J. Antonio
Figueroa Sergio
Carrasco V. Alfredo
Jacques de Granville Jean
Pierre Sanite Léon
Ferrier Denise
Acevedo Celeste
Pinazzo Jorge
Rodríguez Ladislao Carmelo
Espinosa Felipe Injoque
Gamarra Enrique Ferrando
Castro G. Juan
Torres A. Miriam
Held Muriel M.
Reichart Henri A.
Baal Ferdinand L.J.
Gabaldón Mario
Pérez Hernández Ricardo
Yerena Edgard
Escalona Luis
López Ibrahim
Reyes Silvino
Zambrano Bravo Carlos


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Dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge concerning protected areas and environmental management. Within this scope, the goal is to publish studies on: Conservation and restoration of natural resources, integrated management of protected areas.












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Recursos Naturales







1.- Indigenous people and national parks in South America
2.- The system of protected areas in Argentina
3.- The legal status of national park inhabitants of Argentina
4.- Los Alerces National Park: protection and use of natural resources together with the local people
5.- Inhabitants protected areas of Bolivia
6.- Conservation of biological diversity in Bolivia
7.- Beni Biosphere Reserve and Biological Station
8.- Amboró National Park and settlement pressures
9.- Brazil´s national system of conservation units
10.- Legal status of national park inhabitants
11.- Monte Pascoal National Park: Indigenous inhabitants versus conservation units
12.- Inhabitants of Chilean national parks: characteristics and problems
13.- Chilean legislation on national parks: use of natural resources
14.- Human occupancy of Colombia´s national parks: policies and prospects
15.- Amacayacu National Nature Park: settlement of conflicts between local inhabitants and the park administration
16.- The Ecuadorian system of protected natural areas
17.- Machalilla National Park: community involvement and sustainable use
18.- The Galapagos Islands:scientist, tourism and settlement pressures
19.- Protected areas and human activities in French Guiana
20.- Kaieteur National Park and its people
21.- Paraguayan protected areas
22.- Cerro Corá National Park: environmental education among the park´s neighbors
23.- Problems in the enforcement of a strict national park policy
24.- Legal status of national parks inhabitants in Perú
25.- Huascarán National Park: public consultation program
26.- Managing protected areas in Suriname
27.- Legal aspects of protected areas in Suriname
28.- The relationship between people and parks in Galibi and Brownsberg
29.- Bigi Pan Multiple-Use Management Area
30.- Uruguay: in search of an appropriate protected areas system
31.- Inhabitants in Venezuelan national parks: policies and management
32.- Occupation in Venezuelan national parks: alternatives for the future
33.- Guatopo National Park: relocation of settlers in the interest of public utility
34.- Sierra Nevada National Park: cooperation with traditional inhabitants
35.- Inhabitants in national parks: an unsolvable contradiction?


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